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Job Description

Project Access Foundation is looking for an executive level candidate to fill the position of Grants Manager/Writer. The position reports directly to the Controller and the Chief Executive Officer. This position takes overall responsibility for the development and implementation of the Grant Management Department of Project Access Foundation, Inc.; will be responsible for developing grant strategies based upon agency capacity, required program support and mission as it relates to the focus of the grantor, family foundations, and contracts with government entities requiring a proposal application, to coordinate and facilitate the grant’s billing and payment system; to maintain and produce progress reports to the higher administration and funders on a quarterly basis using a computerized database system, to hire, train and supervise the grants management department staff; produce project analysis with regards to production and contract compliance; to assess and evaluate the program's effectiveness and efficiency; to assist in securing funds for the implementation of, continuation and expansion of the grant based programs and to assist the Chief Executive Officer in all components of the program. We require 3-5 years’ experience in grant writing, editing, communications, and/or other aspects of nonprofit administration. Well-rounded regardless of age, religion, ethnicity and or sexual orientation. Benefits include: 401(k), Dental insurance, Disability insurance, and Health insurance. Salary Range $$45,000 - $55,000.


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