10 Sexual Safety Tips
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10 Sexual Safety Tips

These ten tips aim to promote sexual safety and reduce the risk of sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and unintended pregnancy. By following these tips, individuals can prioritize their sexual health and well-being while also protecting themselves and their partners from STIs and unintended pregnancy.

  1. Use condoms consistently and correctly every time you have sex, including oral, anal, and vaginal sex.
  2. Consider getting tested for sexually transmitted infections (STIs) regularly and discussing STI testing with your partner(s) before engaging in sexual activity.
  3. Talk openly and honestly with your partner(s) about sexual health, STI status, and birth control options.
  4. Get vaccinated against STIs such as HPV, hepatitis B, and herpes if recommended by your healthcare provider.
  5. Use water-based lubricants during sex to reduce the risk of condom breakage and to increase pleasure.
  6. Avoid sharing sex toys or use condoms on sex toys and clean them thoroughly before and after use.
  7. Limit your number of sexual partners and be aware of their sexual history and practices.
  8. Avoid alcohol and drug use before and during sexual activity, as it can impair judgment and lead to risky sexual behavior.
  9. Practice self-care, such as getting enough sleep, eating a healthy diet, and managing stress, as it can improve sexual health and well-being.
  10. Seek medical attention promptly if you experience any symptoms of an STI or have had unprotected sex with a partner whose STI status is unknown.

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